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Pop Music Jumps On The Bandwagon!

27 Sep

I find this highly amusing. A Kuwaiti singer named Shams has recently released a song that is causing quite a stir. It’s titled “It’s Our Right To Drive” and the lyrics go between asking, cajoling and teasing. She even sings that’s she’s rather save the money she pays the driver and buy a gift for her man instead! I translated one verse from the song:

“Let me drive a car,

understand the street and it’s secrets,

try me one let me drive a bit,

trust me you won’t lose a thing,

This is my right and I want it,

and tomorrow it will be mentioned in the newspaper”

There’s even a guy who replies:

“It’s better for you if you’d just ride a Camel”




I don’t get the end though but apparently an ambulance is needed. Gee Shams, thanks a lot for the optimistic outlook.

In reply to the wave of criticism she faced, the singer just said that she’s free to sing about anything she wants and if they don’t have a sense of humor and don’t get it she really doesn’t even care that they exist. Hahaha! That’s Kuwaiti singers for you, with kuwaiti attitude to boot.


I’m not sure if she’s helping the issue or making it worse, or if she supports it or is using it to get attention. But hey, the more the merrier.


Noon Al Niswa: Epic Episode

29 May

Hilarious episode from the vlogger “Noon Al Niswa”, she answers the question of “Who is the Most important man in Saudi women’s life?” with “The Driver!”



You gotta hand it to her, she mentions some of the funniest situations…