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How Candy Crush has Saved My Realationship With My Driver

4 Feb


I’m going to admit to a slight addiction to the notorious Candy Crush. But since I have a fear of Addictions, I limit my use to certain locations… before bed, when I wake up, in the umm… “loo” , and in the car. That last bit has probably saved my driver from having me freak out on him for wrong turns, taking the long way, flashing his lights at cars, weaving in and out of traffic, and various other annoying to dangerous driving habits that my otherwise un-preoccupied self would have jumped at.

Basically I’m not paying attention to his driving, or the road, or the idiots and the road. Not backseat driver, a lot less stress.

So Thank you Candy Crush. You might be a huge waste of time, but in this case, you’ve been very useful!


Are We Watching History In The Making?

24 Oct

A recent article I read in the Saudi Gazette gave me high hopes that I might actually witness this amazing change in the near future. I had almost given up. Hussein Shobokshi wrote an article titled “Driving Time!” that is both supportive an hopeful of an impending change. I really hope that’s true.


On a side note, my cousin (who lives in Riyadh and can be called quite conservative) sent me a joke on whatsapp about the car she’s getting when women can drive. It was a one-seater so no one asks her for a ride. I felt I had to point out that she said “when” and not “if” women drive. Her reply: It’s only a matter of time now. It’s those subtle changes in language that show what a society is really thinking. When “If” becomes “When”. Such a small word and such a huge psychological tell. Are we finally ready for this? Will we get to witness history in the making like when women started schools here??


I truly hope so.

Want to Hear a Joke?

28 Sep

luhaidan copy

Looks like yet another “scholar” has managed to make himself the laughing stock of the Saudi virtual world (and beyond)! “Sheikh” Saleh al Luhaidan has apparently made the mistake of telling Sabq online newspaper that the women who are demanding the right to drive on the 26th of October are “hasty” and need to “slow down” and “think about it”. Really?? being the last country in the WORLD where women can’t drive, you don’t think we’ve been patient enough??!

He then moves on to list three main reasons why women shouldn’t drive:

1- The Sahabeyat (Female Muslim apostles) only rode horses and camels when it was an absolute necessity and were normally accompanied by a Mahram (male relative).

2- Statistically women have more accidents than men, so they are in more danger. (33% for women vs. 9% of men)

and 3- “Research” shows that driving pushes the pelvis forwards and affects the ovaries causing deformed children.


Really?? REALLY??!!! Does he think we live in the stone age and don’t have Google or airlplane tickets??!!

Allow me to backtrack and list this guys so-called credentials. According to Sabq, he is “المستشار القضائي الخاص المستشار النفسي للجمعية النفسية في دول الخليج” that means he is a “Special Judicial Psychological Consultant to the Psychological Society of the Gulf Countries”. So he supposedly has a PhD in psychology.

Special is right. He belongs in the psyche ward, in a straight jacket.

His three points are so far off the bat, with ZERO accuracy in referencing or truth, I’m beginning to wonder how he ever got a PhD to begin with. The women at the time of the prophet probably walked most of the time like the men because: a-They lived in small towns and b-Only rich people had the luxury of animals to ride. The majority of religious scholars have admitted that there is no religious reason for women not to drive. So him trying to challenge that is a joke.

Statistically everyone knows that while women aren’t better drivers then men, they ARE safer drivers, resulting in less lethal accidents and more dents and scratches. That’s why they get better car insurance rates. If you don’t believe me click here, here and here!

And I’m not even getting into the pelvic-deformed-baby bullsh** because it’s such a bald-faced lie it’s made him the butt of the twitter world’s jokes which we all know can be merciless. I bet he got his medical PhD same way he got his Psychology one.

Al-Arabiya picked up on the story as well, for those of you who want to read a bit more on it in English.

So yeah, haha, end of joke!

Hope he’s so ridiculed he has to change his name and do plastic surgery to change his face to ever be accepted into society again.


The 26th of October

20 Sep


Hello All, meet Lujain Al-Hathlool, an uber popular “keeker” (did I say that correctly? I’m not a fan of , but many Saudis are). Anyhow, Lujain is participating as the new face for the Women2Drive campaign, urging Saudi women to get in their cars and drive in the streets of Saudi Arabia on the 26th of October, 2013. Following in the footsteps of the original 40 in 1991 and the more recent call for action in 2011, the hope is to break the fear barrier and show that we have a right to drive our own cars, and want to practice it.

Sadly, please disregard the comments below her video, as most are hateful and verbally abusive. Hats off to her for doing this anyways. I can’t begin to understand these hateful people, but their inner ugliness shines though their words. They’re just angry, insecure, pathetic dimwits who think they have the right to threaten smart and independent women just because they were born XY. I hope they go extinct like the dinosaurs.

So, let the suspense begin to build up! I hope this gets the attention of the right people. I can’t tell you if I’m planning on doing it myself, but you can take a guess. *wink*!4uRkdab


w2dCheck out the new website collecting signatures for our right to drive! So cute! love the slogan. Translated: Driving: a Choice not By Force!

The reason for this slogan is basically to say that If women are allowed to drive, you won’t be forced to do so, but you will have the option should you choose to. Its a direct reply to those women who say they don’t want to drive. So to those who don’t want to: Don’t stand in our way, no one will force you to drive!

Here is the link:



As a few of you might have noticed, the website collecting names is now blocked after reaching 11,000+ signatures in a few days.

YES! I’ve just been proven correct!

24 Jan

In a past post, titled “My Theory Of Moderate Silence” , I hypothesized that the number of conservatives and liberals were roughly the same, with the vast majority being moderate, and therefore, quite. I admit I did not have any numbers or statistics to support my theory, but I nonetheless believed in it.

Today, ladies and gents, I have come across some data that fully supported my theory, thus proving my genius. Here it is below, as you can see the liberals and conservatives COMBINED make up about 43% of the Saudi facebook users (the liberals 21% and consies 23%). That means that the other 57% have other interests, making them the “silent” majority when it comes to issues like women driving. Thank you, The Marketing Department for your lovely infographic. Feel free to deduce other things from these pie charts, like how its more saudi men than women on facebook, except in shopping where they’re equal. Funny.

Dear Samar Amin [WARNING: Angry Content]

2 Jul

You can Kiss my A**.

Warning, this is an angry post. Inspired by reading this pile of s*** titled “أنا لا أريد قيادة السيارة..أريد عفتي عن نداءاتكم مصانة“.

There isn’t even a space to comment of this drivel. So I’m commenting here, in English because I have too much to say, and because I’m too angry to think in Arabic. If any of you want to translate my comments and forward to her then be my guest.

So, Dear Samar,

No one would dream of forcing you to drive, so how dare you try to deny our right to do so. If you are content with your role to cook and clean and be an immobile invalid, and enjoy being submissive and passive, BE MY GUEST. You can live your life as you chose, no one will force you to do otherwise, but don’t you DARE link your lack of self-confidence and your dependent personality disorder to PURITY and FAITH. If your cannot be pure outside your home then I’m sorry, something must be wrong with your “immune system”. This world is made for people to mix and mingle and work and go about with their lives “وجعلناكم شعوباً و قبائل لتعارفوا”  (and we made you people and tribes to be introduced to each other/ or to meet, so to speak – rough translation on my part).Women are an active part of society, beyond their children and home. Islamically & Historically, The wives of the Prophet (PBUH) and Sahaba and Sahabiyat had active roles in the community. They traded, learned, taught, fought, nursed and had a say in their marriage and divorce. They were proud strong women who completed the Muslim society. That’s how we should be, anything less and we are merely a weight that keeps the whole society in the dark ages. Its women like you who teach their sons because they are men they own women, and can do anything to them, and teach their daughters that they are weak and fragile and need to preserve themselves from contamination by this big bad world. Oh and that their goal in life is to be good wives no matter what or they shall go to Hell.

Like I said, you can Kiss it. I have nothing but pity and disdain for you. But stay out of MY right to freedom of movement.Do not interfere in the rights of others. If you have given up your own, do not try to prevent others from achieving theirs. And DO NOT even attempt to take the moral high ground on this, because as far as I’m concerned you need many hours of therapy.

Interviewing the “Real” Saudi Women

29 Jun

A smart effort, documenting the “real” Saudi women, not the” westernized”, “liberal”, “feminist” ones like myself that can afford a driver but believe in our right to have a choice, but the ones that have to turn down jobs, miss out on opportunities that they NEED, because they have no way to get there or its too expensive.

Many anti-women driving claim that the ban is to protect her, because she is a “Queen”with any male relative at her back and call. Not everyone has male relatives, not all men will be eager to take all his sisters to work all around town before his own job and pick them up after. And not all male relatives are supportive and helpful. Is letting these women suffer in poverty or joblessness and make them depend on charities and relatives very Queen-like?

Yet I can’t help asking myself: Would these women be able to afford a car and its maintenance? Typically anywhere around the world this part of society, the “working class” so to speak, or the underprivileged as well, would prefer cheap public transportation like buses and trams and metro. But at the absence of those, it’s still safe to assume that making cheap monthly payments for a cheap car (and gas is cheap in Saudi as well) would be more economical and practical for them as well. Money towards a taxi or a driver is money down the drain, while installments will end in two or three years and maintenance is sometimes part of the car’s warranty and still – it empowers them to take control of their lives. Feel stronger and safer. And accept jobs that don’t pay that much, but enough to make a living, while with a driver her salary will go straight to him.

I found it really telling though that the 1st woman (for those of you who might not understand Arabic or if her accent was too heavy) couldn’t voice an opinion about whether there were and religious objections to women driving. To her, if the government approves it, then there its okay by God, and if they don’t then it’s probably not. And that says a lot about her generation. One that doesn’t question religious or ethical issues and instead, has complete faith that the governing powers will tell them what to think. Even when asked what her opinion was, she said ” if our rulers say its okay then it’s okay “.

Cute. But sad. Opinionated old ladies are a lot cuter.