It’s not that things have been hassle-free…

20 Oct


It’s just that I’ve gotten better at ignoring them, I guess. But I do apologize for neglecting this blog, and internalizing all my random stories and adventures in the backseat driving world. I’ll try to be more regular.

I did embark (with a friend) on an attempt to collect stories like mine that relate to drivers and package them in a nice book cover that would serve as entertainment for future generations. But that’s been put on hold for a little while. Turns out collecting and editing stories is not as easy as a job as I first imagined. Maybe I’ll hire a ghost writer! But if you’re interested in contributing your story, in both Arabic or English, the check out the Driving Me Crazy in KSA facebook page. There you will find instructions on how to participate and will be kept up to date with the development of our admittedly sluggish process.

BUT I’m back! And so are my stories. Stay tuned!



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