Backseat Driver

13 Feb

back seat driversA guy once told me, “When a car suddenly stops in the middle of the road, know that it has a woman (or more) telling there driver to turn HERE, TURN TURN TURN!! While he has no idea what to do.”

Ha, That’s pretty true, I can vouch for that. Though I normally give my driver enough of a notice to change lanes, he normally doesn’t listen.

So my current driver is a “good guy” so far. Manners, doesn’t argue, looks clean, only smells a bit sometimes. But he’s FOB. He had no idea where Malik road (One of the main roads of Jeddah) was when he first started working for us, (I have no idea how he found his way to our house to begin with). Anyhow, I had to give up playing candy crush in the car because now I had to pay attention to the roads.

“Go straight, stay in the left lane, at the second light turn left. No, not this one, next one.”

“this is called prince Sultan street, remember that. Ok now go straight…… turn left….. turn next right…. go seeda (straight)…. make u-turn….. okay park here! No, no, back up you missed it. yeah ok here, I’ll walk. ”

Yayyy arrived at our destination!

Lol. But he really is a nice guy. And he’s calm. I like that. And willing to learn. Let’s hope he lasts…. Loosing drivers is more traumatizing than ending a relationship.

I think we need to start issuing backseat drivers licenses. So at least we feel some sort of legitimacy. In all fairness, My grandmother is a HORRIBLE back-seat driver. She keeps saying “Luf hena, min hena!!” (Turn here, no no here!), while waving with her hand from the back seat. Naturally, the poor driver has to physically turn around to see if she’s pointing left or right, which is a dangerous thing to do in the middle of the road while driving. Thankfully, they haven’t been in any accidents, God bless and protect them.

But yeah, Saudi women are probably the most professional back-seat drivers EVER. I’m printing the picture above and filling it out with my info and carrying it around in my wallet. In case anyone asks for proof of license.





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