Why can’t history repeat itself TODAY?

25 Oct

1383904_10153462176175425_363450102_nThere was an announcement today on Sabq.com (who I personally find very biased and has dodgy “sources”) that said that the ministry of interior has warned against women going out to drive tomorrow and that the “muroor” (traffic police) were given orders to crack down on any female drivers. Al Arabiya has also published an article along the same lines, clearly quoting an official saying that Women’s driving is “Banned”.

I’m personally VERY disappointed. After all the silent and not-so-silent support of the official entities of government about this issue, I really had more hope than I ever have before. That maybe in my lifetime… Was it too much to expect an official decree of support??

muna copySo the Question becomes: What will happen tomorrow? What will happen the day after that?? And the day after? They can’t stop us forever.



The Washington post has published this article about the driving issue in Saudi. In it they also say that those who have been promoting going out to the streets and driving are legible for arrest under “electronic crimes”.




What a difference in official opinion can one day make.

I don’t get why they seemed so open to it in the beginning and then suddenly, the night before, switched sides.


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