This should be enough of a reason!

25 Oct

An article posted by on the 9th of October about three female members of al Shoura council presenting the case of women driving in Saudi drew my attention. The article is in Arabic, and it states that the motion they put forward included facts and figures, studies and research, not prose. One of these studies shows that as many as 60% of children in Saudi Arabia are exposed to molestation by household help, mostly drivers. 60%???!!!!!! HOW IS THAT A NUMBER YOU DROP CASUALLY AND MOVE ON??!!!!!

“وأشار إلى أنه في المجال الاجتماعي، فقد كشفت الإحصائيات عن تعرض حوالي 60% من الأطفال في السعودية للتحرش الجنسي من العمالة المنزلية وبالذات من قبل السائقين”

I’m hoping that the reporter writing the article is an idiot and meant to say that 60% of registered molestation cases are by household help, mostly drivers. But either way, that figure IS WAY TOO HIGH! That figure alone should be the catalyst to allowing women to drive!! OUR CHILDREN!!! Our future generations!!!! How was that not the headline of the article??!!

And to make matters worse, they published another article on the 10th, saying that the motion was rejected because it was presented under the topic of transportation and the ministry of transportation when it is completely unrelated. WHAT JERKS! So they are splitting hairs and using red tape to tangle an issue that is a basic human right and to make matters worse, ignored the underlying and connected ramifications to this ongoing ban.

I’m completely bewildered and disheartened….


One Response to “This should be enough of a reason!”

  1. Heidi October 26, 2013 at 7:39 am #

    Unbelievable that this still is being debated in Saudi Arabia. Such an embarrassment.

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