Wa Fadee7atah “وافضيحتاه”

3 Oct

For those of you (including myself) who had some doubts that this story about Saleh Al-Luheidan might have been taken out of context or misquoted, it is clear in the video above that he is not. Yahala show decided to bring the man himself over so that no one can dispute this. Ya Hala show also brought over an OB-Gyni who is challenging him medically.

For those of you who can understand Arabic, you can see that he keeps rambling off and dancing around the Issue, not really giving a straight answer or a scientific answer. Basically he compares the prostate in men to the uterus in women. I think that’s proof enough that he has no idea what he’s talking about.The poor doctor is clearly getting frustrated because he’s asking the “sheikh” for his references, and he’s replying that he should get back to himself and ask himself about that, and to give him proof that driving does NOT affect the ovaries!

So yeah, the dude was (still is) serious! I applaud the Doctor’s self-restraint in not being rude to him.

I think the Ya Hala show has done us all a great favor by addressing the issue head-on and letting this “sheikh” show exactly how irrational he is and expose himself for the fraud that he is.


2 Responses to “Wa Fadee7atah “وافضيحتاه””

  1. April October 3, 2013 at 2:12 pm #

    If anything, it backfired in a good way. It shows the ridiculousness that people have stooped to in order to keep insisting that women shouldn’t drive. They are slowly running out of excuses. They’ve played the “women driving will become whores” card, they’ve played the “Women driving is a sin card” and now they’re resulting to “Women driving will effect their ovaries card.” I wonder which card they’ll play next. Let’s guess:
    “Women driving will cause all Saudi men to become gay.”
    “Women driving will cause spontaneous twerking.”
    “Women driving will _________.”

    • Holly Billings-arafat October 10, 2013 at 5:26 pm #

      Perhaps women driving will finally get an infant safety seat program started in Saudi. This will save more infant lives than this crazy ovary proposition. One of these men, Al Gamdi just received a mere 8 years in prison for raping and torturing his 5 year old baby girl to death because he suspected she was not a virgin!!!! Educated and rational women are speaking up against this misrepresentation of Islam in our most holy place.

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