Oct 26th 2013 : Subversive Dangerous Element Behind the Wheel – Part 2

2 Oct

And this is precisely why we need to gain our right to drive, because its the first step toward a much bigger and more serious issue: Male Guardianship. I couldn’t have said it better, Riem!

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On June 17th 2011, I had the honor and privilege of being among the courageous women who drove on the streets of Saudi to defy the ban on female driving. As a result, my brother, who was accompanying me, got a ticket for allowing an “unqualified person” to drive the vehicle. Funny enough, the car was not even registered under his name. We both signed pledges that I would not drive again.  (http://riemism.wordpress.com/2011/06/20/a-subversive-dangerous-element-behind-the-wheel/)

Over two year later, a new campaign was born. This time, the target date is Oct 26th 2013.

Of course I would jump at the opportunity and join the cause but, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this would happen. Both my brother and father will be out of the country at the time. Also my previous pledge and the fact that I’ll have to drive a car not registered under my name makes me reluctant…

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