The 26th of October

20 Sep


Hello All, meet Lujain Al-Hathlool, an uber popular “keeker” (did I say that correctly? I’m not a fan of , but many Saudis are). Anyhow, Lujain is participating as the new face for the Women2Drive campaign, urging Saudi women to get in their cars and drive in the streets of Saudi Arabia on the 26th of October, 2013. Following in the footsteps of the original 40 in 1991 and the more recent call for action in 2011, the hope is to break the fear barrier and show that we have a right to drive our own cars, and want to practice it.

Sadly, please disregard the comments below her video, as most are hateful and verbally abusive. Hats off to her for doing this anyways. I can’t begin to understand these hateful people, but their inner ugliness shines though their words. They’re just angry, insecure, pathetic dimwits who think they have the right to threaten smart and independent women just because they were born XY. I hope they go extinct like the dinosaurs.

So, let the suspense begin to build up! I hope this gets the attention of the right people. I can’t tell you if I’m planning on doing it myself, but you can take a guess. *wink*!4uRkdab


w2dCheck out the new website collecting signatures for our right to drive! So cute! love the slogan. Translated: Driving: a Choice not By Force!

The reason for this slogan is basically to say that If women are allowed to drive, you won’t be forced to do so, but you will have the option should you choose to. Its a direct reply to those women who say they don’t want to drive. So to those who don’t want to: Don’t stand in our way, no one will force you to drive!

Here is the link:



As a few of you might have noticed, the website collecting names is now blocked after reaching 11,000+ signatures in a few days.


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