YES! I’ve just been proven correct!

24 Jan

In a past post, titled “My Theory Of Moderate Silence” , I hypothesized that the number of conservatives and liberals were roughly the same, with the vast majority being moderate, and therefore, quite. I admit I did not have any numbers or statistics to support my theory, but I nonetheless believed in it.

Today, ladies and gents, I have come across some data that fully supported my theory, thus proving my genius. Here it is below, as you can see the liberals and conservatives COMBINED make up about 43% of the Saudi facebook users (the liberals 21% and consies 23%). That means that the other 57% have other interests, making them the “silent” majority when it comes to issues like women driving. Thank you, The Marketing Department for your lovely infographic. Feel free to deduce other things from these pie charts, like how its more saudi men than women on facebook, except in shopping where they’re equal. Funny.


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