Everyone’s idea of ideal is different

18 Jan

So I was in my friend’s car the other day, and she commented about how although her driver doesn’t know the roads,  he’s chill and doesn’t talk so she likes him. Just needs to train him. And it dawned on me: we each are looking for something different in our drivers. To some, driving safely isnt a must, but being abke to manuver and drive fast is. To others its also important how their driver looks and dresses because they feel its a reflection on themselves.  I remember one friend was so used to arab and ethiopian drivers that when she had a phillipino she still insisted he wear the thobe and ghutra as a work uniform.  Honestly it was pretty funny watching him struggle with his new outfit and trying to balance the headgear. I felt sorry for him.
Body odor and personal hygene are an important issue. The driver I had a fight with last week refuses to use deo because “he’s allergic”. If I have to sit in the same car as him ever again I’m pretty sure I’m going to break out in hives.
Not talking too much is another trait some look for. That includes not eavesdropping,  gossiping, or talking back. Then again, I’ve had drivers that cant even confirm if they heard you and understood you or not.
Someone reliable and trustworthy is important as well. I think you can bunch these two together just because they have to do with trust. Normally you find out if your driver is those two only after several months and sometimes years. To me, if I catch him lying about small things like where he is or gas money, hes on the blacklist to be replaced ASAP.
Knowing the city and the roads is always a plus.  Its such a headache taking the wrong turn and winding up getting stuck in a jeddah weekend traffic jam. And as my sister once said “if you see s car suddenly break in the middle of the road,  then turn left from the right lane after some hesitation,  chances are its girls trying to explain to their driver where to go only he reacted too slow”.
That’s one more point: quick reflexes. Cuz slow drivers here are dangerous.
Oh, and how could I forget: languages. English or arabic or both or none. I think some women communicate with their drivers in sign language. We normally need one that can read English for reading our grocery list.
Also, as sad as this may sound, I’d probably prefer a non-muslim driver, just so I don’t have to worry about getting stuck somewhere for an hour at every prayer time. If he had his rug with him and made-do whenever the mosque wasn’t available I’d be fine with that.  But many drivers are in the mosque before athan and the last to leave and I call that exploitation.
In a way, its quite complicated finding the ideal  driver for you and your needs. Perhaps as complicated as finding a husband! Haha, Have I forgotten
anything? Let me know!


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