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Google Comes to Saudi Women’s Rescue!

6 Oct


According to The Guardian, it seems that our dear Techies at Google in California have been working on a driverless car. Who would’ve thought? In a way its sad that at this day and age, when technology has come as far as creating a driverless car, we still can’t drive in Saudi. But hey, this may be out “loophole” that we’ve been looking for. If I get one of these cars, do I still need a license? I’m sure a robot would be a lot better than many of the drivers I’ve had. At least he won’t eavesdrop on my convos or complain about long working ours (not that I could blame him).

The article (you can read the whole thing here) touches on fears of unemployment, but they’re obviously missing the big picture here. They shouldn’t be developing it for the US market, they should be developing it for the SAUDI market! Yes its an ugly toyota prius, and it does take all the fun out of driving (as the girl in the video below pointed out).  Any of you readers interested in an opportunity for the future? Bring these into Saudi (You’re welcome, I’m still expecting my finders fee though!).

And as much as some people might hate this world where tech is taking over, I think our darling Techies at Google will be receiving Thank You notes and cookies from the women of Saudi Arabia.


One of the creators of this car spoke in a TED talk, this is what he had to say


Regardless of the pros and cons… This might be the solution to our problem… or rather, our “loophole”.