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Is It Normal That Thoughts of Going Back are giving me Anxiety?

2 Aug

So I’m due to move back in a few months, and already the idea is giving me anxiety problems. Yes I miss my friends and my crazy social life, and yes I can’t wait to join the world of the working again as I discovered I’m SO NOT an academic. (I hate being a student and as much as I’ve grown and expanded my mind not having a proper income KILLS me.) But right after these fuzzy warm feelings about home start tickling my mind the ugly thought of needing a driver rears up its head. BAM! Gone are all those feelings and something akin to the beginnings of a panic attack starts taking over. Waiting. Stress. Waiting. Feeling helpless. Useless. Anxiety. Prayertimes. Closed. Stress. Heat. No Driver. Stress. Arguments with my Mom because she’s hogging up the driver. Pressure. Anxiety. He’s not answering his phone. Anger. Wasted time. Stress!! Argument with Driver!! Anger! He ran a red light! IDIOT! Anger!! STRESS! ANGER!! RAWWWWRRRR!

and that’s when I force myself to snap back to reality and tell myself to CALM DOWN.

Ohhh what am I going to do?


Local Issues “Driving” Art – or vice versa?

2 Aug

I just discovered that a friend of mine, a photographer, did some pretty cool photography on the whole Saudi women driving topic. The image below one is my favorite, posted on his blog. You can also check out his website for more of his work! (p.s. For those of you who don’t live in Saudi, many girls in the Jeddah area don’t veil their faces, but I’m guessing are doing it in these images to keep their identities secret due to the “sensitive” nature of the topic).