Dear Samar Amin [WARNING: Angry Content]

2 Jul

You can Kiss my A**.

Warning, this is an angry post. Inspired by reading this pile of s*** titled “أنا لا أريد قيادة السيارة..أريد عفتي عن نداءاتكم مصانة“.

There isn’t even a space to comment of this drivel. So I’m commenting here, in English because I have too much to say, and because I’m too angry to think in Arabic. If any of you want to translate my comments and forward to her then be my guest.

So, Dear Samar,

No one would dream of forcing you to drive, so how dare you try to deny our right to do so. If you are content with your role to cook and clean and be an immobile invalid, and enjoy being submissive and passive, BE MY GUEST. You can live your life as you chose, no one will force you to do otherwise, but don’t you DARE link your lack of self-confidence and your dependent personality disorder to PURITY and FAITH. If your cannot be pure outside your home then I’m sorry, something must be wrong with your “immune system”. This world is made for people to mix and mingle and work and go about with their lives “وجعلناكم شعوباً و قبائل لتعارفوا”  (and we made you people and tribes to be introduced to each other/ or to meet, so to speak – rough translation on my part).Women are an active part of society, beyond their children and home. Islamically & Historically, The wives of the Prophet (PBUH) and Sahaba and Sahabiyat had active roles in the community. They traded, learned, taught, fought, nursed and had a say in their marriage and divorce. They were proud strong women who completed the Muslim society. That’s how we should be, anything less and we are merely a weight that keeps the whole society in the dark ages. Its women like you who teach their sons because they are men they own women, and can do anything to them, and teach their daughters that they are weak and fragile and need to preserve themselves from contamination by this big bad world. Oh and that their goal in life is to be good wives no matter what or they shall go to Hell.

Like I said, you can Kiss it. I have nothing but pity and disdain for you. But stay out of MY right to freedom of movement.Do not interfere in the rights of others. If you have given up your own, do not try to prevent others from achieving theirs. And DO NOT even attempt to take the moral high ground on this, because as far as I’m concerned you need many hours of therapy.


6 Responses to “Dear Samar Amin [WARNING: Angry Content]”

  1. Umm Gamar January 18, 2013 at 6:17 pm #

    I know it’s kinda late for me to comment but I agree,it is women like Samar here who allows men to treat us like garbage, that our role is to ONLY stay home as a mother and wife. Now, I am a mother and a stay at home wife but that is my choice. I love to drive,when I am in a good mood that is nevertheless, and to be denied that right is an abomination! I will teach my daughter that she can be anything she desires, just work hard for it as God wills! And if I have sons, you will bet your ass I will teach him to respect women and not think tht just because he’s a man he can get away with anything! Pray to God that one day we can drive in Saudi, inshallah!

  2. Rashid July 23, 2012 at 9:51 pm #

    I agree with Tariq

    However you look at all countries in the world, freedom of movement is a right, however freedom to drive is not. In every country including USA, Canada, UK Argentina all countries, driving is privelage. This is why you have to get a driving license to drive. The government can then take that driving license away if they think you should not drive. Saudi Arabia is not different. They just choose to not give the privelage of driving to women. Just like they do not give the privelage for man to drive unless they are 18. Why not fight for the right to let children who are 15 or 16 drive in the Saudi Arabia if you are so passionate about letting everyone drive? (In the USA they can drive in some place at 14). I agree, most Saudi Arabians they are stupid. But dont insult someone for having their views on an issue, just like you have your Views on an issue as well. She will say to you also, Kiss my ass.

    • Maha July 23, 2012 at 10:40 pm #

      Aha, but you are confusing the issues here. The privilege of driving in other countries, the US included, is based on your ability to drive, your “road hazard” criteria. The same goes for under 18 year-olds, or whatever the country’s laws deemed as a minimum age for responsible driving. Making that judgement however based on GENDER is neither Islamically correct nor fair under any human rights law. Nor by simple Logic and Reasoning, for that matter. No one in their right mind can say that women are more reckless drivers than men, and statistics in fact prove otherwise. If you want to use nation-wide mistrust and insecurity as a justification for withholding rights from an entire GENDER, be my guest, but don’t act like it’s a perfectly normal thing to do. I think you can at least agree that freedom of movement isn’t exactly an option in saudi, since we have virtually NO public transport and most roads aren’t pedestrian-friendly. Oh, and remember what happened to the last girl who rode a bike out on the streets? I can find you a link if you missed that.

      I’m not sure you read her post, but it wasn’t an opinion she was stating. It was a direct insult to any woman who wants to drive her own car. What infuriated me about Samar Amin’s “plea” for people to leave her “purity” alone is that if she wants to keep her “purity” in tact, she can stay at home. Linking the freedom to drive my own car to my purity is an insult I will not sit by and accept idly. I’m not insulting her for having her views on any issue, I’m insulting her for insulting ME first, and everyone like me.

  3. Om Lujain © July 3, 2012 at 1:10 pm #

    Another one of those.. I really have no issue with someone who does not want to drive herself (for whatever reason they chose).. BUT I do draw the line at those people trying to use their reasoning to force me not to! I will not force a women to drive… and a women should NOT force me not to! Period!

  4. Tariq July 3, 2012 at 12:08 am #

    OK.. Pardon my bad English.
    Well,, you guys need to know that the advise you give to others is the advise you yourselves need.. You are attacking her for linking her own situation to others.. It’s just like what your idol Manal did in her stupid presentation in Oslo. She for sure had fuckin bad mentality disorder, she was distributing leafsheets supporting terrorism and she never listen to music till she was 21 – i wish she picked a better song- . She was stereotyping you saudi women badly, and yet didn’t see you disagree with her international shame.
    P.S We dont kiss asses, We kick them pleasantly..
    Shalom : )

    • Maha July 3, 2012 at 2:02 am #

      I agree, Manal WAS stereotyping Saudi women badly, unintentionally though because she was simply relying her own story. I probably would have hated Manal in her old self, and would have sent her a similar rant had she tried to deny the our human rights. Thankfully, she didn’t know the internet at the time and couldn’t voice those ideas on a level beyond home. Manal is not my Idol, I do not Idolize people because no one is perfect. I admire her courage and she inspires me though.

      Which brings us to another point: This woman (samar) DOES have internet. She can read, research (something Manal couldn’t do before, and when she did, she changed) and can leave her protective mental shell behind. But she is choosing to stay ignorant, her choice, her fault. Writing a very public letter to a very public website about how driving is a male thing and why does anyone want to push her beyond her feminine limits is a crock of bull because I’m a woman and I know that leaving my house and participating in life and society is NOT taxing and exhausting beyond my means. Plus no one will push her to do anything she doesn’t want. Why is she acting like having the option to drive means she will be FORCED to?!!! That’s just weird.

      I am not attacking her for linking her personal situation to others, I am retaliating to her attack on MY purity for wanting to practice my God-given right as a human. She is trespassing on my rights. Get the difference?
      A simple analogy:
      Chocolate is Halal. I don’t want to eat chocolate. That’s my choice. Telling people that chocolate should not be sold in the market because its a temptation and can make you fat is a Simply wrong. People will tell me I don’t have to eat something I don’t want to eat, but I cannot prevent people from eating it just because I don’t want to.

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