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Dear Samar Amin [WARNING: Angry Content]

2 Jul

You can Kiss my A**.

Warning, this is an angry post. Inspired by reading this pile of s*** titled “أنا لا أريد قيادة السيارة..أريد عفتي عن نداءاتكم مصانة“.

There isn’t even a space to comment of this drivel. So I’m commenting here, in English because I have too much to say, and because I’m too angry to think in Arabic. If any of you want to translate my comments and forward to her then be my guest.

So, Dear Samar,

No one would dream of forcing you to drive, so how dare you try to deny our right to do so. If you are content with your role to cook and clean and be an immobile invalid, and enjoy being submissive and passive, BE MY GUEST. You can live your life as you chose, no one will force you to do otherwise, but don’t you DARE link your lack of self-confidence and your dependent personality disorder to PURITY and FAITH. If your cannot be pure outside your home then I’m sorry, something must be wrong with your “immune system”. This world is made for people to mix and mingle and work and go about with their lives “وجعلناكم شعوباً و قبائل لتعارفوا”  (and we made you people and tribes to be introduced to each other/ or to meet, so to speak – rough translation on my part).Women are an active part of society, beyond their children and home. Islamically & Historically, The wives of the Prophet (PBUH) and Sahaba and Sahabiyat had active roles in the community. They traded, learned, taught, fought, nursed and had a say in their marriage and divorce. They were proud strong women who completed the Muslim society. That’s how we should be, anything less and we are merely a weight that keeps the whole society in the dark ages. Its women like you who teach their sons because they are men they own women, and can do anything to them, and teach their daughters that they are weak and fragile and need to preserve themselves from contamination by this big bad world. Oh and that their goal in life is to be good wives no matter what or they shall go to Hell.

Like I said, you can Kiss it. I have nothing but pity and disdain for you. But stay out of MY right to freedom of movement.Do not interfere in the rights of others. If you have given up your own, do not try to prevent others from achieving theirs. And DO NOT even attempt to take the moral high ground on this, because as far as I’m concerned you need many hours of therapy.


We Have a Society of Tantrum-Throwing People Who Don’t Know their Own Good

2 Jul

Repetition. If you repeat a taboo or uncommon activity often enough… it loses its “taboo” label. It loses the shock value, and that is what these Saudi women are trying to achieve. To break the fear, break the taboo, make it “normal”. Smart.

In this video, a woman in Riyadh goes driving accompanied by a Sky Arabia reporter. While she is driving, she makes a valid point: The Saudi people adjust to whatever legislations are passed. They didn’t want schools: they got used to it. They didn’t want to wear seat belts while driving: a fine was implemented and they started wearing seat belts. Saudi salesmen, receptionists and cashiers were UNHEARD OF. Until companies started hiring and people got used to it. Even for guys it was a social taboo not to have a desk job. Speed limits: Saher was put on the streets and though many people protested and complained, they had to slow down to avoid being fined broke and the rate of speed-related accidents has gone down. Most recently, female cashiers and sales women was the latest hurdle that we’re getting over. Conclusion: We have a society of tantrum juveniles that don’t know what’s good for them. Like a child that has to be forced to bed before he gets too tired and sick, or prevented from eating the whole cake lest he get sick. BUT on the good side, this society, like a child, has an amazing ability to adjust and adapt to the new rules and changes.

Naturally I do not and cannot mean the entire Saudi society by this generalization. Just the ones that stuck stubbornly to the familiar, and have an allergy to embracing any kind of change, equating Change with Bad. They throw a tantrum and cause a loud fuss when anything happens that they don’t like. I still think those are a minority (again I refer back to my Theory of Moderate Silence). We do have a good amount of people that do embrace change, like my dear grandmother, who looks at anything new with wonder and curiosity and an eagerness to learn. Old people normally don’t do that.

So yeah, My message to anyone who’s reading who might have some sort of influence on this issue is as our dear lady driving in the video said: Pass on the laws, officially support women driving, those who will throw tantrums will throw them and then they will adjust.