My Theory of Moderate Silence

19 Jun

My theory is very simple, and I came up with it based on observations I’ve made over the years. I have no idea if there is any way to prove it statistically, but I think you’ll also think it makes a lot of sense. I also Illustrated it for your convenience. So here goes:

a simple visualization of the idea. sorry did it in a rush its not very pretty.

My Theory of Moderate Silence is based on the idea that most people are quite… normal. They care about their families and their jobs and sometimes read the newspapers or watch the news, but don’t really actively participate in letting their opinions be known. Either because they are shy/scared, they think their opinions don’t matter (that they are a minority), or they simply don’t care enough, because they are MODERATE. They simply don’t feel strongly enough. It then looks at fanatics at both ends of the spectrum, (“Liberals” v.s. “Religious Zealots” for example, though I hate labeling people) and how they’re always voicing their opinions very loudly. Religious zealots tend to be the louder, more active group simply because they truly think, nay not think God forbid, KNOW that God is on their side and its their duty to save the world from itself. In Saudi they are also very organized (because historically, they are the only kind of groups that were allowed to congregate, and thus have an older more established network) and make sure that if anything happens that signifies change or threatens the status quo, that EVERYONE knows about their displeasure. From sending telegrams to the King and all the top ministers, to calling TV stations, Radio stations, emailing, making threat calls, spamming, whatever. It fools the average Joe (or in this case, the average Abdullah)  into thinking that they are a lot more than they really are, and that he is in the minority and should be ashamed for his (or her) blasphemous “liberal” thoughts.

Now recently, more people on the other side, labeled “Liberals” by the “Islamists” (have I even mentioned how much I hate Labels??) have been getting fed up by the change-phobia and have started writing in newspapers, talking on TV and radio, and using online platforms to voice their opposing opinions. So they seem like a growing, yet smaller group due to lack of organization and a wide range of different stances on different subjects. I don’t necessarily agree with all of them, but I respect their right to say what they want, same as the crazy stuff we’ve been force-fed all these years. Its up to the moderate (or not) individual to make up their own opinions on issues. Bus I do not respect using God and Religion as a weapon against free-thinking, because that’s a contradiction in itself. But I digress… Back to my theory. Simply put: The majority, the masses are moderate, yet silent. The fanatics are loud so they seem like more. How to we find out what the MAJORITY really think/want?

And there it is, my theory. I think it can apply to many places, many countries, many different situations. If you can think of any other situations where My Theory of Moderate Silence applies, I’d love to hear about it!


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