Present Day Pioneers

8 Feb

I recently came across a New York Times slideshow presenting different Saudi women from Jeddah, Riyadh and Khobar. What these women all had in common was that they were all fighting for change. They are all pioneering change, refusing to stay quiet and fading into the tapestry just because its “safer” to do so. One of them, the notorious Wajeeha Al Huwaider even had to move to the Aramco compound (A high-security compound) after receiving death threats. She’s one of the first Saudi women who has been demanding women’s right to drive, work, and travel without a “male guardian”. Her persistence is admirable, and I can imagine her being as irritating as a buzzing bee that just won’t go away to the authorities that disagree with her ideas. She is known for her regular attempts to cross the bridge at Bahrain without the male guardian permission, not because she doesn’t have it, but because she refuses to get or use it. She is a fighter, as are all the other ladies that are featured in this slideshow. There are many, many more women like them, each making their own path, overcoming different and similar obstacles, each in their own way. Some are more diplomatic, work within the system and under the Radar, while others don’t back down from a confrontation and might even seek it out.

I am undecided as to which method is more efficient. I might be leaning towards the Stealth-mode myself, but the sad fact of the matter is that a confrontation is bound to happen sooner or later. Its just a question of time.

What do you think is a more effective method at pioneering change?


One Response to “Present Day Pioneers”

  1. Hind August 3, 2012 at 2:33 am #

    I admire both approaches but think that having a confrontation usually let’s the fire out quicker because media may be involved and people are cornered to take sides.

    I wouldn’t mind a confrontational approach myself if I felt I had support. That’s why I need to read ur blog more :p

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