… and The Madness Continues

6 Dec

Remember the case of the girl who was sentenced to get lashed for driving in September? She supposedly got a royal pardon (though the only confirmation of that was a tweet by princess Amirah Al Taweel, prince Al waleed bin Talal’s wife), but it seems that that wasn’t the case.

After exhausting “the quiet” ways of trying to resolve things, Shaima Jastaniah has decided to go public, hopefully International pressure will once again save a woman wronged.

I don’t know if it’s just me, or if this online “war” has been escalating.

The Atlantic posted an article recently about this poor girl’s plight. In a place where nothing makes sense, this is just one more.

I got into a bit of an argument with a friend of mine (ok well, not an argument, I simply lost it and went mental on him), because he was trying to explain to me how the system works in saudi, trying to get to the root of the problem in a systematic, logical way. In hindsight I feel a bit bad for getting angry at him, but what a explained later after I calmed down is that I KNOW where the root is. I don’t need to be systematic and objective I’m not her lawyer and I’m not publishing a research paper. I’m venting! I’m consciously choosing to be angry and give free rein to my feelings. I want to RANT! Which is exactly what I did. I wound up wiping away angry tears, to the bewildered silence of my dear friend.

THIS is what’s wrong: Its the organization of the judicial system. One that gives so much power to a Judge. Its the mentality of a Judge that decided to let his personal contempt for women who are fighting for their rights to show in his verdict. Its his clear message of “I’ll make you an example, I will humiliate you”. Lashings, in theory, shouldn’t hurt as mush as humiliate. And there are rules that state that the person delivering the lashes cannot raise his elbow beyond a certain point, etc… to make sure that the blows aren’t too harsh. Still, Its the concept. Applying what is normally only reserved for a criminal offense to a simple act of civil disobedience at worst. In reality its a woman exercising her human right. How could someone who is supposedly morally upstanding decide to punish someone for standing up for their rights? An insecure misogynist that doesn’t really fear God. That’s who.

I realize that my posts are becoming angrier and more bitter. Injustice tends to do that to a person. Still, I promise you I’ll try to find the funny bit in all this and try to laugh it off. My heartfelt prayers go out to Shaima, and her scary situation.

Till then, take care my lovelies.


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