The Frusterating See-saw of Madness!

29 Sep

Ok, so my country has gone mad. that’s the only way to explain it.

here’s is a short summary of what’s been going on:

1- As anyone following this blog before the summer knows, some Saudi women have decided to take matters into their own hands and drive their own cars, since there is no Law that expressly forbids them to drive.

2- some got stopped… others didn’t. Many police have been turning a blind eye to this whole thing since they are still in small numbers.

3- Last week, the King announced that women will take past in next year’s municipal elections. A big step in women’s rights in Saudi Arabia.

4- The next day, three women were arrested for driving, and a day after that one of them was sentenced to 10 lashes and a fine. (her trial was whirlwind quick, especially by saudi standards).

5-A few days after that, the king overturned this.Thank God!

Hopefully this will be a clear message to anyone who decides to take the law in their own hands. What chaos!





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