I think my driver is on a mission…

19 May

to Drive me crazy!

or give me a heart attack or high blood pressure or something. He does all these little things that I can’t quite reprimand him for or I’ll seem like a control freak but all put together they’re frustrating as hell! like slowing down to a full stop in the middle of a crowded street before turning right at what is slower than a roll. or cutting corners while turning left onto a two-way road so we’re smack in the face of oncoming cars. or just being obtuse! I feel bad, bad mouthing him. I truly do. He is but a pawn in this game. Maybe my road rage would be directed elsewhere if it were me behind the wheel. So I try to bury my head in my BB and type away at friends or something… until I look up to realize he’s lost the way to my Yoga instructor’s house yet AGAIN and is just driving around making random turns without saying anything to me.

I recently visited a friend in Kuwait. It’s amazing how similar our two countries are yet SO different! the people are quite religious there, as they are here. many, if not most, women still wear the abaya and veil, but they all drive! and have cinemas… It was such a relief just going out whenever we wanted to in her car, parking it (though it took us half an hour to find a spot once, still…. I didn’t mind that for some reason. it was like a hunting trip!” and just hanging out without worrying that anyone is waiting for us or how will we get home.

I sometimes thing women who have grown up in Saudi or lived here for extended periods of time must have some pretty advanced or at least different neurological pathways in their brain due to all the planning and juggling they need to do with the drivers and who will pick up who when and how. Maybe that would be an interesting research topic. 100 women from Saudi and 100 women from someplace else. see how our brains have adapted. ha! Yes you can use my idea, you’re welcome.


2 Responses to “I think my driver is on a mission…”

  1. Tara Umm Omar May 19, 2011 at 4:34 pm #

    Asalamu Alaikum, can I interview you for my blog? Please contact me emailfhws at gmail dot com for the questions. Thanks, T

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