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5 Apr

A “Jal6a” or “Jalta” with a heavy “t” is Arabic for a stroke. The medical kind that will land you in a hospital.  That is what I’m in danger of every time I go out with my new driver. Supposedly he’s worked in Jeddah for two years already, as a driver. In an area not too far from where I live. But subhan Allah he doesn’t know any of the main roads, and I have to direct him with every meter. LITERALLY. I can’t even bbm or make calls in the car anymore I need to keep my eye on the road as if I were driving.

here’s an example of a recent ride:

me: “OK  make a u-turn at the light so we can go home”.

he stays in the service road.

me:” Uh.. what are you doing? get on the main road so you can make that u-tun!”

he tries to get on the main road, but somehow cruises past the 1st opening… I just rolled my eyes. At the second one, he tried to cut in front of a taxi coming into our lane.

Me: “let him pass, you won’t be able to get in the left lane if you squeeze yourself in front of him!”

so he lets him pass… gets in the middle lane.

Me: Left lane! you need make u-turn!”

Him “Oooh! u-turn?!”


I feel bad, he’s a good guy, I can tell. But I don’t have the energy or the willpower to train someone all over again. He cuts corners when turning, doesn’t use blinkers, and breaks in the middle of the street/roundabout/intersection if i tell him he missed the turn i wanted him to make or is making a u-turn instead of a left turn.and he doesn’t speed on malek road, only on small neighborhood streets. I think he has one average speed, which is too slow for main roads and too fast for small ones. Its weird. But in his defense, he doesn’t smell, thank God!


Today he almost missed the turn-off to work. Its the 3rd time he takes me to work,  It got me wondering how he finds his way to my office all alone to pick me up in the afternoons. Do you think he wanders around a bit? He somehow found his way to pick me up three times, so its his 6th drive to my office in total. It’s a 10 minute drive! mostly straight. How could he forget?!I want to cry. Or jump out of a moving vehicle.

Thank God its only a trial period for a week. Somehow I doubt he’ll last beyond it.


Don’t you wanna just HUG her?! Mashallah

3 Apr

This Lady is Qatari, the age of my Grandmother (who also still drives), but somehow with her burqu’ and ten grand children she looks so much cuter!

Oh, and the fact that she maintains her own car at her age, my grandmother just makes her husband or the mechanic at the gas station take care of that.


why can’t we have this here?


1 Apr

That’s IT!! I’m fed up! I can’t wait till I’m “Allowed” to drive! By then, I’ll be old and wrinkly and my eyesight would be weak and my coordination deteriorating ! I’m going out NOW! Got the car keys in one hand, I’m so excited I’m a bit shaky (yes, how lame).  But I’m going to do this! I’ll go to my friend’s house (ten minutes away) and watch a movie or something. I’m bored! question is, do I put my hair up and wear a cap or something in an attempt to camouflage my gender or throw caution to the wind and just wear my regular abaya and scarf?? Or wear a ghutra as a scarf and somehow pretend to be both?? oh-kay. I think I’ll do the ghutra thing. Ok I have to go now its either now or never!

Will update you later! Wish me luck!!









Grab it I say!

Grab Those Keys!

April fools!

Hahah gotcha, didn’t I?!

Sad truth is: I’m too much of a coward to “break the law” no matter how much I think  its biased and unfair.

maybe one day…