sunny shams

25 Mar

Some families have drivers in their service for decades. These men become so much like family that they get comfortable and know that there is no way after all these years will they get fired. My friend has such a driver. He is an old Sudanese man, He’s been driving her (and her family) around since she way an itty-bitty baby. He is a man of many uses: personal assistant, errand boy, paper pusher, right arm, chaperon, oh and driver! Currently he’s been “her” driver. He helps my friend with her business and is off whenever she is out of the country, which is usually 6 months out of the year. Then jokingly calls her a horrible person who is driving him like a slave whenever shes back and trying to run her business and life. I find it funny that when he calls her to see if she needs a ride, she feels compelled to explain to him who she is with and how she will get back home and how much longer she will be. Its hilarious! As if he were her uncle or something!

Which reminds me of a time when she offered to drop me off at home during last Ramadan. I get in the car, say hi to him “Uncle Sun” and wish him a happy Ramadan. He replies “Happy Ramadan to you too! yallah, Inshallah this time next year both you and her (referring to my friend) will be in your husband’s houses!” !!!!

HAHAHAHA She and I exchanged amused, bewildered looks and burst out laughing! Listening to him you’d think he had to worry about our keep and feeding us. Like our single status was a weight on his shoulders!!

This dear dear friend got married a few days ago. She had a beautiful wedding as lovely as herself, and we will all miss her dearly since she will be starting her new life outside the kingdom. (yay no driver for her now!) I neglected to ask her what would happen to Uncle Shams, but I’m assuming he will stay in employment of the family as a back-up driver, like when she’s traveling. Or like a semi-retirement state. Good luck to him! and the biggest hug and kisses to the sweetest bride ever! Miss you already!


3 Responses to “sunny shams”

  1. Sara April 2, 2011 at 9:17 am #

    That why , they know it ! we can’t dispense with them :/

  2. Nawal March 26, 2011 at 5:54 pm #

    hehe, very cute
    i have a feeling this is one of those stories u’ll be telling ur grandchildren

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