safer vs better

21 Mar

So I was “chilling” with some friends I met in Dubai last weekend (you know who you are, told you I’d mention you *wink*) when the age-old question (or rather, car-old) came up: who makes better drivers, women or men?

Men love complaining about how bad female drivers are, but some insurance companies give better rates to women and most rental agencies won’t rent out to men under 25. That must say something, right?

They  (yes, you!) complain that women panic, freeze up, or just don’t react fast enough in situations that require quick reflexes. My retort to that was that I think its just a matter practice: men play play station games and therefore hone their reflexes. haha, yes I said that with a straight face. BUT i do believe that generally, If i were forced to generalize, women make safer drivers while men make better ones. So if I wanted someone to drive my kids to school, I’d rather it be a woman. But if i were planning a bank robbery and needed someone to drive the getaway car, I’d look for a man. Realistically, how many times would I plan on robbing a bank?

Our debate ended with the agreement that we should conduct a study to see if playing computer / play station games and improved driving were related. with both genders. I think the results would be interesting.

All joking aside, I think that gender has nothing to do with it. Not paying attention or focusing or just lacking confidence behind the wheel or getting a driver’s license via “connections”, those make bad drivers. Whatever makes a good driver, gender isn’t one of them.You have crappy Female and male drivers (just look at the ones driving in the street here!)- HA! i should have used THAT as an argument. If men made better drivers then by that logic Saudi should have the best roads & driving in the WORLD! For those of you who haven’t been here: It doesn’t. People drive like they’re high AND drunk.  They are simply bad drivers. So there, I rest my case!


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  1. Laylah March 22, 2011 at 1:36 am #

    I gave you the Stylish blogger award, go to my blog to check the details :))

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