so i’ve been gone for a while…

11 Mar

Party due to a hectic life style, the other part due to just wanting to lay low…. things have been a bit crazy here in the middle east, as most of you can read/see on the news. I’ve been glued to youtube, al-jazeera, twitter,BBC and CNN since Jan. In my opinion, 2011 is definitely NOT winning the Nobel peace prize amongst other years. So it’s hard to walk the fine line between asking for your rights and not looking like an opportunist who’s trying to seize the spotlights at a time when unity should be at the top of the agenda.

well… i finally came across a video on youtube which I can’t resist posting here. Its in Arabic, so my apologies to any of you who don’t understand the language. I’ll see if I can find a translated version. But its so true-to-life, so heartfelt, it echoes what I hear on a daily basis from many women around me. And more Importantly, it touches on the topic of women’s rights in general here, both socially and legally.

note to anyone who might jump to conclusions: This isn’t about “revolution”, I hate the word simply because it seems to be “the flavor of the month/year”. (just like “thinking out of the box” , “global village”, “entrepreneurship”, and “WMD”  in the past – they’ve been so overused they’ve lost all meaning). No, this is about women and men, who can think for their own. They do not follow the heard mentality, they do not say “Amen” to any “sheikh”. They follow what their education (religious and otherwise), minds and hearts tell them. And most of all, common sense. In my opinion, The title of the video was just added by the TV Chanel to sensationalize it. (please refer to “flavor of the month” part).


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