My inspiration is leaving…

11 Mar

Yep. Its true. The inspiration for my blog (my driver)’s 2-year contract is up, and he’s leaving back to his country today. Funnily enough, he’s grown onto me. I’ll miss him, in an odd way. or maybe I’m just dreading having to train a new driver all over again. ugh. Yes that must be it. It took me almost a year to understand how to deal with this one (or maybe he figured out how to deal with me), and now that we’re finally getting along, and he only goes over a curb while turning right once in a while (as opposed to everyday when he 1st started), and things are running relatively smoothly…. times up! And mama doesn’t want to re-new his contract (she thinks he won’t wanna come back so she’s not asking him in the 1st place- classic fear of rejection? from a driver?! lol). Anyhow, That mean’s I’ll have TONS of new material to complain to anyone who’s willing to listen (or in this case read) in the next few weeks… or moths. Oh God.


so here is a moment of silence, for the loss of a driver. May God help me find a replacement (or grant me the freedom to drive here!) as quickly as possible.



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