My Reply ! (more like a rant, really)

13 Jan

I got this retarded bbm message from a colleague of mine (she sent it to me because it irritated her and she knew I cared about this topic)

the message went as follows:

في مقابلة تلفزيونية في قناة أمريكية مع أحد المشايخ الفضلاء :
قال المقدم :
لم لا تتركون المرأة تقودالسيارة؟
فرد الشيخ:
الرئيس الأمريكي (بوش)
هل كان يقود السيارة في شبابه؟
فقال المقدم:
قال الشيخ :
والآن يوم أن صار رئيسا لأمريكا، هل يقود السيارة ؟!
قال المقدم:
لا، بل لو أراد لمنعوه !
فقال الشيخ
ولم ؟
قال المقدم :
حماية له، وتكريما له أيضا !
فقال الشيخ
: ونحن كذلك نمنع المرأة من قيادة السيارة، حماية لها، وتكريما لها،. وحفظ  لشرفها،  حيث يقود بها أبوها وأخوها وابنها وزوجها!

يا ريت يفهموا حريمنا


A quick translation for that would be:

In a television interview in the U.S. channel with a virtuous elder (sheikh):
Presenter :
Why do not you let women drive cars ?
the Sheikh replied:
Did the U.S. President (Bush) drive his own car in his youth? (apparently this interview took place a while back)
Presenter said:
Sheikh said:
Now since he has become president of America, is he driving the car?!
No, and would stop him if he wanted to!
The Sheikh said,
To Protect him, and in honor of him too!
The Sheikh said: We also prevent the woman from driving, to protect her and honor her. And in protection of her honor, where her father and her brother and her son and husband can drive her wherever she wants!

Oh, if only our women would understand us!


To that ridiculous story circling around I have one reply: I’d like to see the president of the United States of America telling his chauffeur he wants to go out and having his chauffeur say he’s tired and doesn’t feel like it. If this stupid ban was “out of respect and love” so to speak, they wouldn’t let their mothers, daughters, sisters and wives practically beg for a ride. In some cases it is beg. And they Definitely wouldn’t put us in a situation where we are at the mercy and the whims of not only our sons or younger brothers, but even of our drivers. Where they know that we need them to the point where we would let them get away with slacking of, being rude and driving recklessly even!

so yeah, sell your load of poo to someone who will buy it. Arrgh!


One Response to “My Reply ! (more like a rant, really)”

  1. Modia January 13, 2011 at 10:50 am #

    It was annoying to read the stupid sheikh’s comments. These ppl make me want to run away, far far away!!

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