4 Jan

Happy new year everyone! As usual, we all welcome the new year with renewed energy, hopes and dreams.

I’m not naïve enough to think that women will be allowed to drive in 2011, I’ve just heard news that they banned girls schools from holding PE class, so it seems that dream is further away than ever before. But I do have hope that SOMETHING will happen this year to make this all seem more attainable. So right now, all I’m doing is hoping for a sign. Something that will give me hope.No more bad

news please! lol, or maybe we need a few dozen set backs for women (and men) to wake up andput their foot down. In the end, I think it’s simply a fight between the very loud and vocal extremists (who i truly do not think are a majority anymore), and the silent moderate people who are hoping for things to change naturally. It doesn’t take a genius to know that the louder you are, the bigger you will seem in numbers. and as my grandmother always says “It’s the wheel the squeaks that gets the grease!”

so everyone, lets start squeaking! Squeak squeak!!

haha, hey, I might be on to something here… how about a squeak campaign? everyone who supports women in Saudi, start squeaking…! post it as your status in whatever social network you use. maybe I’ll design a few bumper stickers… lol! I’m liking this! only problem is I’m thinking in english at the moment, and for something like this to really take off its g

ot to be in arabic. That’s the crowd that matters. (no offense to all you only english speakers out there) But to make a change, It’ll have to be with the majority within the country.


lol, I’m going to go and make a quick illustration about this now.

women want to drive!

it's the (pink) wheel that squeaks that gets the grease!

a "louder" squeak!

a "louder" squeak!


One Response to “HAPPY NEW YEAR! Squeak!”

  1. Om Lujain January 4, 2011 at 4:46 pm #

    Love the idea… SQUEAK! SQUEAK!!!

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