6 Oct

ever heard of brain-drain? When scientists start leaving their country because they can’t find an environment to do work well, get good jobs, continue with research, or feel appreciated and supported. well, I think we’re experiencing a sex-drain.

Thanks to the government scholarships, more and more girls are finding excuses to do their BS/BA … MA , MBA, PhD and whatever else they can think abroad! A few are getting married and staying there, so are getting jobs after uni….  Most will just try to extend their time abroad as long as possible. Trying to delay the inevitable. coming back… to no public transportation, a strict guardian system and nooooo driving, amongst other things.

More and more of my girl friends are leaving… less and less are coming back. Many will marry a guy who works abroad, or a S… where in many situations having to move countries to get married is a minus, to these girls it’s a plus (or not much of a problem). YAY! no more restrictions! Yay! I can move around freely! Yay! I can take a bus, train, or taxi if I don’t feel like driving! yay!!! Europe is the best, in my personal opinion. I love the metro. Makes me feel anonymous. Just an ant amongst millions of tiny ants. so cool.

But really, Am I the only one noticing this? whenever a girl is not happy, she starts making plans to “Do her masters” or “prepare her PhD”. And it’s ALWAYS in the States or Europe or Lebanon or Dubai even Malaysia. I once read somewhere that Saudi has the highest percentage of female PhDs in the world. If that’s true, then I betcha my lucky charm this is why.

One day… the guys in this country will wake up and wonder where all the smart, beautiful, educated fun women went to.  Sorry bubbas, by then It’ll be too late to get them back.


2 Responses to “sex-drain”

  1. Mama March 22, 2011 at 10:51 pm #

    I agree. Smart mothers may soon follow their smart daughters.

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