4 Sep

Forget Thank God its Friday, my first coherent thought on Friday mornings is “Please God don’t let it be Friday”. Now, I have nothing against Friday as a day, religiously its the holiest day of the week. But…  Its my Drivers day off! I’m literally a prisoner in my own home, any errands that I couldn’t do over the week and wasn’t able to do on Thursday will have to wait till next week.Not only that, but almost every other girl I know is in the same situation I am.

So a typical Friday convo goes a lil’ something like this:


“‘morning, ‘sup?”

“nothing, you wanna do something today? I’m bored”

“Sure!… why don’t you come over we can watch a movie?”

“uh… why don’t YOU come over? I don’t have a driver”

“me neither. day off. and he took the car”


“whatever. Lemme know if your situation changes. Bye”

“‘Kay, Bye ”

Some of us would rely on our brothers to take us to the mall or a friend’s house… but my baby bro is all grown up now and out of the country studying. So yeah, I’m stuck. Forget my dad he hates driving and only rarely drives me anywhere that’s out of his way.

I was thinking of taking a taxi yesterday… or one of those “drivers-per-ride” which is just an unmarked taxi. The pay-per-ride drived didnt pick up his phone. But then my grandmother sent me her driver, who apparently doesn’t have a day off… poor guy. lucky her.


4 Responses to “TGIF?!!”

  1. Hind September 4, 2010 at 7:10 pm #

    maybe i’m saying this because i’m spoilt with my driver . He works 7 days a week . But i get that drivers would want a day off , what if you were told you needed to work thursdays because the work load is just too heavy . not so cool then ! you can plan ahead of time for a ride on fridays .call the pay-per-ride driver and let him know fridays are the days you bring him business. or make your grandmother feel sorry for you and hand you the driver on fridays 😛 but let the poor guy enjoy his ONE day off.
    oh, you could offer to pay him extra from your own pocket if he drives you on fridays 10 SR per ride. if he finds it worth the sacrifice , i’m sure he’ll do it willingly . i know , compromise is a bitch in this situation! the government should provide women with drivers if they insist on implementing this ridiculous rule .

    • ksadriverdiaries September 5, 2010 at 3:28 pm #

      lol i agree. I always said we should get Govt. assigned drivers. or at least a drivers salary + living expenses.
      I’m not against him having a day off. its perfectly withing his rights. I’m just pissed I wand up being stuck in the meantime. And those driver-per-ride are dangerous! they never wear their seat-belts, drive too fast and work 24/7 . I caught a few falling asleep while driving me!

  2. Om Lujain September 4, 2010 at 12:37 pm #

    The driver here is given Friday morning off, and resumes work after Asr if needed. I know its good to give them a day off, but we also need to get things done on the weekend, and Thursday just isn’t long enough.. so he is rather happy with just the half day off.

    • ksadriverdiaries September 4, 2010 at 1:27 pm #

      That’s what I suggested my dad tell the driver… so far he hasn’t. lol

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