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4 Sep

Forget Thank God its Friday, my first coherent thought on Friday mornings is “Please God don’t let it be Friday”. Now, I have nothing against Friday as a day, religiously its the holiest day of the week. But…  Its my Drivers day off! I’m literally a prisoner in my own home, any errands that I couldn’t do over the week and wasn’t able to do on Thursday will have to wait till next week.Not only that, but almost every other girl I know is in the same situation I am.

So a typical Friday convo goes a lil’ something like this:


“‘morning, ‘sup?”

“nothing, you wanna do something today? I’m bored”

“Sure!… why don’t you come over we can watch a movie?”

“uh… why don’t YOU come over? I don’t have a driver”

“me neither. day off. and he took the car”


“whatever. Lemme know if your situation changes. Bye”

“‘Kay, Bye ”

Some of us would rely on our brothers to take us to the mall or a friend’s house… but my baby bro is all grown up now and out of the country studying. So yeah, I’m stuck. Forget my dad he hates driving and only rarely drives me anywhere that’s out of his way.

I was thinking of taking a taxi yesterday… or one of those “drivers-per-ride” which is just an unmarked taxi. The pay-per-ride drived didnt pick up his phone. But then my grandmother sent me her driver, who apparently doesn’t have a day off… poor guy. lucky her.


I’m Back!

1 Sep

No my dears, I did not forget about you, and driving for women wasn’t suddenly allowed in the Kingdom…. the reason for my long absence is simple: I was out of the country. Out of the country = driving!! Driving = No reason to complain and no contact with my driver! yaaayyy!That also means nothing to post about.

BUT I am back home sweet hometown and things have been remarkably calm. I came back from my summer vacation to explain to my driver that days=nights right now so he can sleep all he wants during the day (while I’m at work) and try to put up with my demanding social life after 9pm. For those of you who haven’t lived in Saudi during the month of Ramadan, this may sound very weird. But the whole country operates at night mostly. Due to fasting (or just plain nation-wide laziness) work hours are cut down during the day, shops are open till 2 am and even 4 am in the last 10 days of the month (before Eid), traffic is a bigger nightmare than it already is and for those of us who have to be at work by 10 am, sleep is a distant memory we keep on daydreaming about.

Back to my driver: He was remarkably understanding… I think he’s had previous warnings from other drivers so he knows this isn’t my invention.. I’m just going with the local timings. Anyhow…

A few days after I returned I was dropping off (or he was, rather) a good friend of mine at her house… at 3 am. I admit I was pushing it, but in my defense it was Wednesday night, the next day I didn’t have work, which meant that my driver didn’t have to drop me off and could sleep in as well. So as my friend was leaving the car, she asked me what my plans were the next day. and I was like “nothinnngg!!! I am going to sleep ALL day. so is (insert driver’s name here).”  I suddenly heard a weird noise coming from upfront.. and I made a remarkable discovery: He can laugh!!  I was in shock to realise this was the first time I’ve heard him laugh in almost a year! He swallowed it up real fast so it was more of a peep, but still… it was a laughing-peep.It counts, right?

Soooo… I’ve come to the conclusion that my driver is a night-person and hates the days.  He’s been a lot more communicative since he’s been working nights… problem is: what to do when we switch back to day-shifts next month? any suggestions?