Dinner Conversation

31 May

My parents recently returned from being away for a few weeks, so we all had a nice big dinner bringing the whole family together after work yesterday. We’re one of those families that talks a lot over dinner, lively conversation, laughter, debates, drama, everyyyything comes out over dinner (think Brothers& Sisters. I think that’s why my mom loves it so much).

Anyhow, halfway through dinner my mom starts bursts out laughing, we look over at her and as soon as she can explain she says: “did you notice that we’ve been talking about drivers for the past fifteen minutes?”

And we were.

The dinner conversation had started with my sister saying : “Did you hear, lulu’s driver quit. apparently he doesn’t need to work for her anymore. he has his own business and when she told him he wasn’t allowed to answer the phone while driving, he told her he’s running a business and if he can’t run it through his phone he wont work for her anymore”

My other siter chimed in “Oh my Goddd! I just had my 1st fight with my new driver today! he does the same thing, only its his wife. she’s obsessive and she calls and yells every ten minutes. I told him to only answer the phone while driving if it’s an emergency, but apparently everything is an emergency with her. What did it for me is that he was dropping me off at home, and pulled away before I had taken my bag out of the car or shut the door, when I looked at him, he was on the phone again!”

Me to my 1st sister: “wasn’t lulu’s driver the guy who would make up weird stuff about her cousin? like that she was a “bad girl” and she went to the mosque to look at guys?? how sick is that?!”

My sis : “Yeah, she’s glad he left cuz next thing you know he could start making up stuff about HER and who knows what he’d tell her husband?”

That’s when my mom started laughing.

sadly, I do know of a marriage or two where the driver either made up or misinterpreted actions by the wife and went and told the husband, and if that couple’s bond wasn’t strong, it wont survive that kind of breach in trust. I also know of many cases where families set the drivers to spy on their daughters (less so wives, but it’s not unheard of) and report back to them with their whereabouts. Like a live personal GPS. Or a body guard with none of the perks you get when you’re rich enough to need one.

well, that’s my ramble for the day… until I have more.. caio!


4 Responses to “Dinner Conversation”

  1. Om Lujain June 5, 2010 at 11:38 am #

    lol… at our gatherings its more or less talking about the maids, and what they have been up to. The drivers come up as a veryyy close second topic! I really hope we get to drive soon, cause I am sick of all the drama.

  2. lina June 1, 2010 at 2:47 pm #

    lol! i just realised the whole anonymous part ;p
    silly me..

  3. lina June 1, 2010 at 1:15 am #

    I have absolutely no doubt, that in a few years time..
    i’ll be seeing “Driver Diaries from The Kingdom” Author*** *******
    *A Best Seller* behind bookstore windows everywhere around the globe!

    Don’t forget to mention me in the Thank You page 🙂

    • ksadriverdiaries June 1, 2010 at 1:12 pm #

      lol, thanx linsay 😛
      but id rather stay semi-anonymous for now

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