what can you fit in the back of a van??

2 May

So I went to a friend’s house last night to watch a movie & munch on pizza … I had agreed with my friend there that we’d use her driver to take us home, so when midnight rolls over and he’s not there to pick us up yet, she starts making calls. Apparently she had agreed with one of those drivers-per-ride to pick us up, because her driver was busy/or it was too late or something… now that’s all fine we do it all the time. But when she calls to find out why he’s late, he blabbers something in broken Arabic and she gets the funniest blank look on her face. then she’s like “aaa… tayyeb (ok)” and hangs up. she looks at me, ” I have NO idea what he just said” and starts laughing. I admire how she can find humor in such situations. I’d just get frusterated and wind up blowing my fuse and maybe throwing something accross the room or something. Or go into a rant at least. Half an hour later she calls him again… this time she made more of an attempt to understand what he was saying… he had a flat tire and will be late. very late. So she called another driver-per-ride. This one said he could be there in fifteen minutes. yay! it was already one am by then.

Driver arrives… as I walk towards his mini-van, I look at the door and its full of scratches… I remember thinking to myself “ha, this car was brand new a few months ago.. what does that say about his driving?”. We het into the tinted mini-van, strap our seatbelts and tell him where to go.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a big looming object behind my friend, so I turn back and what do I find??

The minivan’s rear-bumper. IN the car. I look at my friend and ask her, “what is that?” she looks back and just bursts into giggles. I couldn’t help it, so did I. It was the most ridiculous thing ever. We asked him what happened… he just grunted and muttered something inaudible. We laughed even more. He never mentioned the state of his car when she called him to pic us up. And a rear fender being carried around in the back of the car??!! that was too weird. that’s when I started noticing other things… there was a flapping/clicking noise that would increase as the car’s speed increased. something over the front left tire. We asked him what THAT noise was, ha mumbled something about “the cover” and then he pulled over on Malek road to “check it out” maybe the front fender was falling off too? he gave it a few thumps and nudges and got back in the car… continued driving without saying much more. The noise started again in a few seconds. I told my friend maybe she should sleep over at my place since I don’t think the car was safe to drive in… but she was afraid her mom would flip if she woke up the next morning and found she hadn’t returned. Oh well… they dropped me off and continued on their rikety clickety way.

I honestly felt like if one more screw fell out the whole thing would fall apart right there in the street. It was funny at the time, but it was also dangerous and reckless. I tried to take a picture of it, but it was too dark and my batt was low so the flash wouldn’t go off on my phone. I’ll see if I can enhance it and post it later…

We would be so much safer if we could drive ourselves around, don’t you agree?


One Response to “what can you fit in the back of a van??”

  1. Muneeb May 6, 2010 at 9:24 pm #

    One more reason to have checkpoints. Atleast they’d enforce the safety points.
    Glad you reached home safely. Bumper-in-car not a good idea

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