if you want to marry a girl…

28 Feb

See what her relationship is like with her driver!!

I laughed my a** off when I heard that, but it was coming from the mouth of a guy so I have to give it some credibility…

whatever happened to “Look at her mother and you’ll know what you’re getting…” or however that saying goes?

Oh well… I guess there must be some truth to the new version of it. I thought I was safe since my mom is a sweetheart mashallah, but it seems I was mistaken. Still, it’s not really fair to say that, since I’m not going to marry anyone who can’t speak proper English or/and Arabic, right?? It’s the communication gap that drives me mad. That and the inability to prioritize or follow orders. I’m not going to order my hubby around either. maybe remind, ask, nag, cajole, instruct, blackmail and bribe, but not ORDER.  so that’s one point of difference. Plus I wont be frustrated by his mere existence since I’m forced to have a driver, but not forced to marry (yet. lets hope it stays that way).

so that’s two points against the effectiveness of this new system. three if you count the language.

On the other hand, in all fairness, lets face it: your relationship with your drives IS a relationship of sorts. You spend a lot of time with him and they know a lot of whats going on in your life. so like it or not, it does say something about who you are. Luckily most of my freak-outs and temper tantrums take place in my head. so does the physical violence. So I can confidently say my future hubby is safe and has nothing to fear.

*wide-eyed innocent smile*


One Response to “if you want to marry a girl…”

  1. Muneeb May 6, 2010 at 9:30 pm #

    Interesting point

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