13 Feb

That’s the name of the  first driver I can remember… I must have been around 6 years old, we had just moved to a new home and I was starting 1st grade. That’s when we needed a driver. My mom didn’t use one before that, no idea how she survived, but i guess she was busy having 4 kids.

so yeah, his name was Barakat, he was Pakistani, and an olddd man. At least to my 6-year-old eyes he was. he had a super white beard, was addicted to smoking, and since my mom forbade him to smoke around us or in the car, he chewed tobacco instead. still had a weird smell.

I have no idea how good his driving was, but he was a sweet, gentle man. He’s carry us around on request and play with us, kinda like a granddad.

Funniest thing i remember about him, was that he’s buy us little candies from the supermarket. He felt bad for us because my mom didn’t allow candy in the house, so he’d give us those little treats on the way back home from school and ask us not to tell mama. I’m assuming it was his way of bribing us into staying quiet on the way back too. haha. We kept our little secret for a while, but what he didnt hold in account was my mom’s supernatural ability to sniff anything out (mashallah) and one day, she gives me a hug when i get back home from school and says “who gave you candy?”

I looked at her in awe wondering how on EARTH could she have known? “don’t you know mommy knows everything?? now tell me, who gave you candy?”

Naturally, I confessed. Candy from barakat stopped after that. lol

but he stayed with us until he retired at the ripe old age of 65 I think. or 70. somewhere there.


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