Trip to Makkah

10 Feb

You’d think that, being blessed with living within such close proximity to Makkah, I’d be able to drive over whenever I wanted to for a prayer or umrah or just a visit. right?


my driver isn’t muslim. so unless I can hire one that is, or be lucky enough to have my dad or brother remember to let me know when they plan on going, I don’t get to go there much.

A friend of mine was visiting from a neighbouring country and told me she was going to stay in makkah, so why don’t we all go for umrah together?? I loved the idea, and spent the next 2 days trying to find a friend with a muslim driver who would be able to go too.

Luckily, i found a friend who was free and willing to take me there. we had a lovely quick trip and that was that.

still, it would’ve been nice to be able to hop in my car and drive myself there whenever i wanted to.

the funny bit happened on the way back, after we stopped for shawarmas. My friend’s driver has been with them since she was 4 mashallah, so that’s just over twenty years, and on the way back he started asking about out Umrah.

– “hamdulillah it went well”

– ” you prayed for everyone??”

– “yes”

– “how’s ******* ??”

– “she’s in london now”

– “you prayed for ****** (her ex!)

– she just rolled her eyes…. ” AAAAhhh! i told you khalas! it’s over!”

Here I was, fighting to keep my shocked laughter inside while he went on about what a nice guy her ex was.

hehehe, its crazy how much these guys know about us!


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