Quick Math

10 Feb

I’ve been trying to calculate a rough/conservative estimate about how much of a drain it is on our economy to force women to use drivers as the only means of transportation.

Here’s how it goes

so Saudi’s total population is around 28,000,000 (according to the latest statistics)

lets assume that half of them are female ( more, but this is a conservative estimate)

so that’s 14,000,000 women

lets say that half are underage, that’s 7,000,000

of those, lets say more than half cannot afford drivers, so they use their fathers,husbands, brothers, taxis for transportation, or just stay home.

lets say only 2,000,000 can afford drivers.

that’s 2,000,000 drivers. 

standard going rate for drivers monthly salaries?? in Jeddah its 1,900 now. in khobar its closer to 1,300 sr. lets say 1,500 sr to stay in the middle. 

so that’s 2,000,000 x 1,500 = 3,000,000,000



lets say I made a mistake and every 2 women share a driver, so its only 1 million drivers.

that’s still 1.5 billion a month.

1.5 billion, leaving the country each month, since most drivers get free board and food, and normally save every halala to send back home. Good for them, I don’t begrudge them what they’ve earned, but from a purely economic point of view, this money is leaving the country never to return. it would be put to so much better use if it were spent on business internally. some might argue that most of what’s sold here is imported anyways, but at least SOME of it gets circulated back in the system.

1.5 billion x 12 months = 18 billion a year (did i d0 this right??)


so now I’m not just looking out for my own interests, I’m looking out for my country’s economy as well !! hehe


3 Responses to “Quick Math”

  1. purple velvet February 13, 2010 at 7:00 am #

    Sorry your estimate is wrong…. a driver can drive more than 1 girl around vs a car for each girl/woman. The issue is not what we think or how we look at it… The issue is we have more to worry about. Driving is not that big of a deal to dedicate a whole blog for… maybe a post or two or none. How old are you if I may ask?

    • ksadriverdiaries February 13, 2010 at 11:46 am #

      i estimated a driver for every two girls, but even if we estimated a driver for every four girls, my point is the same, too much money is being wasted on this.

      People have cooking blogs and arts and crafts and fashion and car blogs, so why would a blog dedicated to the weird daily stories and encounters in the life of someone who can physically drive, but legally can’t, be any different??

  2. April Tosch February 10, 2010 at 10:57 am #


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