Who Moved My Cheese??!!

31 Jan

lol, another example of some people’s incapability to THINK.

so I’m driving to my friend’s house last week (or rather being driven to) only to discover that the route we usually take has been blocked by one of the many and never-ending pipe-laying projects in the city. (this has been going on for as long as I can remember, with the roads split in half and dug up for months and months, yet with no result, only to be dug up again for electricity maintenance 2 weeks after its been finally closed up… but I’m getting off track here)

anyhow, road is blocked for maintainance, so my driver goes over this empty lot-turned-parking for a compound with a Lexus (not the jeep). ok, bumpy lot full of rocks, I can make an exception for this one time…. just to see what’s going to happen. He drives over the lot, around the road maintenance, and back on the road to my friends house.

now, fast forward to last night… I ask him to take me to the same friend’s house again… and there I am in my own little world playing my music and bbming non-stop when I look up as he hits the breaks… he took the same route to the same are with the road blocked??!!! dis he think this was going to become a habit? he can always drive over empty lots full of rocks and bumps and holes to drive around a road block? That my car was an off-road four-wheel drive? or that i have i have no problem checking it into repairs every month? couldn’t he just take the next street? a different path??! but nooo… he goes right up to the same side street that’s blocked.

naturally, i made him make a u-turn and take the next street. If a road is blocked, you take the next one. not continue trying to take the same one when you knowww it will be blocked.

I was dumbfounded. I felt like I was a scientist experimenting with mice,cheese and a maze. changing the maze to see if they’ll go the same way every time. haha.

maybe we should do research….


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