I think I was Cursed

17 Jan

U know this forward that has been going around via bbms? the one that says

“If you saw me in the back of a police car, what is the crime that you’d think i got arrested for?”

well, guess what my no.1 reply was??

Yep, killing my driver.

no.2 was driving (in Saudi, obviously)

*sigh* I guess my friends know me by now. Though believe it or not I do not fantasize about killing my driver, just kicking him out of the car and taking over the wheel…. ahhhhhh *eyes glaze over dreamily*

back to reality,

A couple of years back, when my baby brother was around 7 , we got into some sort of squabble. I hardly remember what. I think I wouldn’t let the driver drop him off to buy DVDs or something. we were late. anyhow, even at his age, he knew EXACTLY what to say to piss me off the most. He said ” Yaaaa rab asoog hena gabl ma tsoogi!” (I pray to God I drive here before you ever do) !!!


I was shocked, heartbroken and enraged !

WHHYYYYyyyyyy would he say something so mean??!!!

so I told him that, (more like wailed) but he just laughed maliciously.

Too late, I felt like a curse has been placed upon me, and I feared he might be right. After all, he’s a kid, with a clean plate (no sins), so his prayers should be answered. I could almost feel this dark cloud hanging above my head.

Fast forward to 2010, he’s 17 now, and yep, you guessed it: Driving. He actually drops me off when the diver is off or busy. How humbling. Thank God he’s pretty cool about it. We compare our latest music collections and all.I do make up for it by driving as much as i can when I’m on vacation (hogging up the wheel, even). My excuse for not letting him drive?? He’s too young to be covered by rental insurance 😉 hehehehe (I’ll use it for as long as I can).

And I don’t hold his curse/prayer those many years ago against him. He was a kid, after all… and things would’ve probably turned out this way anyways, right? …. right??!


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