everything begins with a “Why” ?

12 Jan

Hello my fellow suffering women of Saudi arabia,

and anyone else out there looking for amusement…

Let me first introduce myself, then let you all know why I’m starting this Blog.

I’m a 20-something Saudi girl, living and working in Jeddah, born and bred in this country. I have a love-hate relationship with the place i live in… as best relationships are.As many of you know (I’m assuming) Women aren’t allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, not for any religious reasons (which somehow was the official excuse at some point, but thank God they stopped trying to use that when their arguments were refuted by educated religious scholars) but for social ones. Mainly fear of losing control. So officially there is no law against me obtaining a Driver’s license here, but if i apply for one, I would be rejected, and if I drive with an international driver’s license, i would be stopped and held in custody till my father comes to pick me up.

anyhow, this issue irks me day in and day out. Not being able to drive myself to and from my various errands and busy schedule destinations and stops. Admittedly, I’m pretty active… and honestly, no driver should have to suffer my hyperactivity. But what can i do? I’m in a bad situation. And I’m not about to sit around at home. Add to that the lack of any clean decent and safe public transportation… well… ladies, we are STUCK.

I’ve got lots more to talk about on this topic, so I’ll keep it brief for now. The reason I’m starting this blog is that i noticed we all (Saudi women, women in Saudi) have some entertaining story or another on drivers, dealing with them and some of the crazy situations that happen with them. Its a topic any woman who has lived in saudi will have plenty to say about. Whenever the topic opens up we wind up with endless stories and antidotes that can bring you to tears (from laughter) or to shake your head in speechless shock.

And that’s why i’m starting this blog. Not for myself, for You. I’ll share some of my endless escapades with whichever driver i’m dealing with at the moment, but I’m more interested in Your stories. They dont have to be funny, they dont have to be sad, as long as they’re real-life situations. We are joined in this unique situation that doesnt exsist anywhere else in the world (to my knowledge), so lets try to make the best out of it and laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, till it changes (INSHALLAH!).

we have a saying in Arabic “shar al Baleyya ma yu9’7ek” ; roughly translates to “the worst dilemma/disaster is that which makes you laugh”

so, come along, don’t be shy… lets share our Driver Escapades here. The Sad, The Funny, and The ridiculous.


5 Responses to “everything begins with a “Why” ?”

  1. Abdullah Qandeel January 13, 2010 at 7:36 pm #

    Love it!
    Join my page.

  2. Ms.Daisy January 13, 2010 at 6:32 pm #

    I am happy to find a new venue to release the frustrations of our predicament here–usually I resort to bursts of phrases that are similar to a person with Tourettes. But since my last New Year’s resolution not to cuss, i’ve replaced them with religious phrases instead of actual curse words. For example, “Strafrillah” when we (my driver and I) get cutoff by an arrogant asshole in the right lane trying to make a left hand turn, or “Bismillah” when my driver slams on his breaks because the car full of jackasses in front of us suddenly stop to harass the girls in the car next to them. Unfortunately, it was getting quite blasphemous as you can see and not really not much help.
    This is much better. 🙂
    Thank you and look forward to following your blog!
    Best of luck,
    Ms. Daisy! 😉

  3. Hindoosh January 13, 2010 at 3:27 pm #

    Well, This story isn’t mine. It’s my brothers.
    We had a driver at some point who was indonesian i think or from sirilanka *ashamed to say i don’t know* but hey i was living abroad. anyways …he had this thing with bumping into trash cans. One day he *accidently hit a trash can while my brother was with him sitting in the front seat. my brother got surprised ofcourse , because well it was right there ! so he backs up..tried again and BOOM..he hiots it again..at that point my brother was just amazed….This driver also hit another car once and ran off while my brother was with him in the car. i’m glad i didn’t experience him much..or actually i think i coulda had fun with it ..like HEY, YOU! BUMP THAT CAR! DO IT >> DO IT NOW! 😛

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